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Kongu Singles Meet 2024

Event Details

Event Date
June 22, 2024


Embassy Suites by Hilton at Dulles Airport

13341 Woodland Park drive, Hendron VA 20171

Who can participate

Eligible Kongu singles belonging to Kongu Gounder community those who are born and raised in North America, and those who living, studying, working in North America.


11am -11.30pm

Program Details

11am -11.30pm

Based on Kongu Gounder community kottom(kulam)

Tentative schedule.

(final program details will be shared a day before the event)

10.30am – Welcome & Check in

11.00am - Introduction and Program overview

12-1.00pm – Lunch

1.00pm to 6.00pm; Meeting per pre-arranged schedule;

6.00pm-7.00pm – Dinner

7.00pm – 11.30pm DJ / Entertainment

Age Limit

Boys & Girls aged between 20 – 35 years

Marital Status

Never Married or Divorced

Registration Fee

$100 for Employed

$50 for Students and unemployed

We want to keep the fees low and affordable.

We welcome donations by parents and

other well-wishers from the community.

Recommended Hotel For Stay

Embassy Suites by Hilton

13341 Woodland Park drive, Hendron VA 20171

Discounted rate available for the event.

Discounted booking link: https://group.embassysuites.com/u2ujgj

Registration Steps

Step 1. Fill up the registration form using the link https://tinyurl.com/kongusinglesmeet/

Notes: Fill up and submit the form

Step 2. Make payment for registration

Notes: Payment confirmed by registration team

Step 3. Registration team will validate the registration and will send confirmation email

Notes: Registration team approves and sends confirmation email

Step 4. Make hotel reservation

Notes: Participant can go ahead and reserve the hotel room


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Purpose of the event

Purpose of the event is to offer a platform to meet eligible Kongu singles from Kongu Gounder Community and explore mutual interest for marriage and networking.

2. Who can participate in the event, is this open to all? Can parents be there as well?

Singles from Kongu Gounder community living, studying or working in USA and Canada. Admission restricted to people belonging to Kongu Gounder Community. Parents are not allowed to participate, this event is exclusively for eligible boys and girls from our community only.

3. I was born and raised in India and currently working in USA/ Canada, can I register for the event?

Yes. This event includes those who born and raised outside of North America and currently studying/living/working in North America as well.

4. How is the event going to be conducted, can I choose who I want to meet?

We want to provide equal opportunity to all participants; we would ask participants to meet all without any reservations and decide whom they would like to continue discussions further. This way everyone would get opportunities. With number of participants organizing team is planning to group participants based some guidelines such as age, koottam etc. People belonging to one koottam are considered as brothers and sisters, hence boy and girl will have to be from different koottams.

5. Can I know the details of the program, will there be any time for entertainment, would there be additional time to hangout?

General model is to allot slots of 10-15mins to each set of participants so that they can meet and share their background, interests, learn about each other etc. If participants want to meet outside of their allotted time, they are welcome to do so; Minimum expectation is to honor the meeting slots, get introduced at least irrespective of their interests. Participants can plan on their own to meet the next day morning as well, if they wish to; We are keeping Sunday open for any personal preferences to spend additional time with anyone who they would want to.

Entertainment with DJ is planned after dinner 7pm – 11.30pm ( tentatively).

6. Is there an age limit to participants?

Age limit for participants is 20 to 35 Yrs.

7. Are there any restrictions on who we can meet, in terms of age, profession, koottam etc.?

We ask the participants to be open minded to meet other person based on allotted schedule; If the things do not work out , they still have the benefit of having met another Kongu relative at the event. Remember the networking can help in many ways in life, so we encourage make full use of the event.

8. What is the duration of the program? How many participants are expected?

The event planning is based on 100 participants based on the venue restrictions. If we get large number of participants, there are options being discussed by the organizing team. Decisions will be made based on registration closure date.

9. Where I can I stay, is there a preferred hotel with a discounted rate?

We have a negotiated rate with Embassy Suites (Event venue), discounted rate is available for the event 2 to three nights as the participant prefers. We are planning to encourage sharing rooms with fellow participants, but if the participant prefers separate room that will be available.

10. Are the participants expected to make decisions at the event or expected to give any commitments?

We do not expect the participants decide at the event, but we request everyone to come with open mind to meet everyone else/ at  least honor and engage on scheduled meetings and treat this as a networking event at least.

11. What does the registration fee include, what additional cost the participant has to bear?

Registration fee covers will cover event venue and lunch and dinner on Saturday; Travel, hotel room expenses and any other expenses will have to be paid by participants; Embassy suites provides free breakfast for people staying at the hotel.

12. Are the participants expected to stay only at Embassy Suites, Can we make any other arrangements like staying with friends or staying at other hotels?

Participants are encouraged to stay at Embassy  Suites so that they will have more time at the event and avoid having to plan for additional local travel; Discounted rate is available only at this hotel. However, the reservations are based on first come first serve basis at the hotel, if there are no rooms available, then the participant would have to look for other hotels.


Based on the demand and the availability the organizing team may be able to negotiate a discounted rate at nearby hotels, but it is not guaranteed at this time.

13. Will there be pick up and drop off service available between the airport and event venue?

Embassy Suites provides Shuttle service for pickup and drop off from the airport. However the hotel is very near (4 miles) from the Airport, the participant can also take a taxi/uber.

14. Can I arrive at Friday evening? Can I stay on Sunday as well?

Yes, the discounted rate is available for the event with minimum of one night stay, you can plan to arrive/stay at your convenience.

15. When am I expected to be at the venue, if I plan to stay away from Embassy Suites?

Request everyone to be available at 10.30 am for check-in for the program, the program will sharply start at 11.00am.

16. How early is check-in available at the hotel ( Embassy suites)?

Check-in time for the room is 3.00pm ; Early check-in ( as early as 9am on Saturday) is available at additional cost of $25, but subject to room availability.